Remote patient monitoring services for retinal diseases

Pioneering a New Approach...

As a digital health company we are extending eye disease management from the clinic to the home, effectively and efficiently addressing the unmet diagnostic need in ophthalmology.

With a proven approach to home-based patient operated diagnostics and artificial intelligence (AI) enabled data analysis, we are advancing eye care with precision medicine.

The Challenge

One Size Does Not Fit All—Retina disease progression and treatment responses differ across patients and between eyes

AMD management is confined to the eye doctor’s office, despite the acute onset and unpredictable nature of progression and response to treatment

Dry AMD patients are not diagnosed early enough to retain good functional vision once their disease progresses to wet AMD – only 34% of eyes retain driving vision at wet AMD diagnosis

Real world wet AMD treatment outcomes are poor compared to approval trials. Substantial under-treatment and subjective treatment timing are root causes of the discrepancy.

Our Approach

Connecting patients and physicians beyond the clinic to advance eye care by bringing standard of care diagnostics into the home and using proprietary AI algorithms to deliver better outcomes.
We bring precision medicine to eye care with novel diagnostic data and analysis, enabling treatment decisions consistent with the timing of each patient’s disease activity rather than pre-scheduled clinic appointments.

Monitoring Center

We connect patients and physicians 24/7

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Artificial Intelligence

Real time automated analysis of patient testing data

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Monitoring Services

Patient operated home-based devices

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