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OIS@AAO | November 2017

Notal Vision Sets Launch of Second Home-based Device

Notal Vision is set to launch its second product, home-based optical coherence tomography (OTC) for monitoring of retinal fluid accumulation in patients with retinal disease, Chief Medical Officer & Vice President of Medical Affairs, Susan Orr, reported at the Company Showcase 3 session at OIS@AAO 2017.

MaculArt Meeting | July 2017

Automated Identification of Lesion Activity in Neovascular AMD

Anat Loewenstein, Dafna Goldenberg1, Graham Young3, Moshe Havilio, Omer Rafaeli, Gidi Benyamini and Usha Chakravarthy

Concordance between the NOA and the RS determination of lesion activity was extremely high. The level of discrepancy between the RS and the NOA results was similar to the NOA's mismatches. Our results show that automated delineation of the retinal contours combined with interpretation of disease activity is feasible and has the potential to become a powerful tool in terms of its clinical applications.

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